July 14

loki is a dog

in your opinion what would be most enjoyable  thing about being a dog or a cat. NO CHORES.NO HOMEWORK.MORE famlie .advenchers.  more videos games.less food. you can be a dog or a cat.

July 2


The name of my contry is natoloko.My laws are no cars,no guns all is free,food is 10 cent,RPG are permitid,5% of your money goes to home less people,1% of your money goes to the invierment .My flag look like a diomand sord and a diomand pik.My Contry is on mars.It is all was naiht.It is 1000000000000000oF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.NO SCHOOL!!!!!.1$ is for a nucluar bomb.NO KIDS CAN HAVE A NUKE!!!OR (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM).SO LETS PARTY BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. WHAT WAS THAT!!!??? “I THINK IT WAS A NUKE” A KID HAS A NUKE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok thats new does any one have a tazer?”I do” siad a man in the back. May I have it ? He says “yes” TIME TO FIGHT!!! The kid goes to the grownd he said “I see prety stars *****”The krowd said “THE EPERRO WINS

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June 29


The Wolf’s Side

The wolf sees that mother goat has left. The wolf wants to help, so he goes and checks on the goats and says “let me in.” They say “no your voice is too deep.” He goes to the bakery and eats honey pie.

The wolf goes back to the house and says “let me in” and they are about to let him in when the smart one says “show us your legs.” So he shows them his legs. “Your legs are black, my mothers are white.”

So he goes to the mill and dumps flower all over him self. He go’s back to the house and says “let me in”they say “show us your legs” so He did, then they let him in. So he grabs 6 goats to go to the park they squirm, and squirm, and squirm, and kick, and kick, and kick. He thinks “if I eat them whole they won’t squirm on the walk to the park.” Then I will cut open my stomach and sow it back up.

But just then, he got tired. He saw a river, so he took a nap. Then mama goat got home, she found the last goat in the clock. The litte one said that the big bad wolf is at the river.

They went down. They cut open the wolf as he said he ate them whole. Mother goat filled him up with rocks. He woke up and was very thirsty. He went to the water and fell in.

The goats said “no more big bad wolf!”

December 19

To Give To The Homeless

A couple days ago, I was dragged out of the house by my mom to show me how the homeless look.  Some of them live under a bridge, and its just not fair… they have to live too, but they don’t have enough money, they don’t have enough stuff.  All they have is like a blanket, maybe a sleeping bag and their stuff.  They don’t have very much stuff.  They are pretty much broke and homeless.  It doesn’t matter why.  They can’t really do anything except sleep and get food.  Why don’t we just help?

My mom gave me 15 dollars – I had to give $5 to each person I saw.  I saw three people.  They were really happy to get the $5.  Because they didn’t have any.

I love my mom and she loves me, but I wonder if anyone loves them.  They don’t really have family I don’t think.  If they have kids, the kids have to live without food, their pets have to live without food.

They are just like you and me.  They have the same feelings, the same needs, they need food just like you.  But, they can’t get jobs because people won’t give them one because they don’t look good, or smell good.  They don’t have anywhere to take a shower, so they can’t.

Just help one.

We went to a shelter on the same day.  They were giving out stuff.  An old man came in for gloves.  They had 2 pairs, both girls, which he didn’t care about but they didn’t fit him.  They didn’t have anything to give him, so its good to donate to the homeless shelter.

I went because I was being selfish.  I wanted more time on my video games, more food.  My mama said  “there are people who have so little, but you have so much!”  I have a roof to cover my head, a dog, somebody who cares about me, food whenever I want.  And I just ask for more and more.

When we were under the bridge, my mom told me to take off my sweatshirt.  It was freezing.  She said, “yes, you feel that? its half that temperature at night.”  These people need help.  They don’t get as much as we have.

I am going to search through everything I have and whatever I don’t need, I am going to give to the homeless if they can use it.  Then we are going to the dollar store!  We looked up what they need, and here’s what we found:

Umbrellas, Coats, Gloves, Hats, Socks, Clothes, Travel Sized Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Toothpaste, Underwear (new), Razors, Shaving Cream, Hand Sanitizer, Toothbrushes, Cough Drops, Deodorant, Food (but only certain things), Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets, Bags (purses, totes, duffels), Pillows, Blankets, Sheet Sets, some places take books/magazines/etc, and lots of places ask for Gift Cards

December 15

Dogsitting Brownie


I don’t know why they say “sitting” because you don’t sit on the dog!?

These last two days, I’ve been babysitting a little Dachshund.  His name is Brownie.  I like Brownie because he loves to follow me everywhere except upstairs, since I think he doesn’t really understand the stair so much.  I spend most of my time downstairs, criss-crossed applesauce with him in my name.  Cuddling.  I scratch his belly and he flips over and a scratch a lot lot lot.  He loves it so much I think he can just fall asleep in my lap.

Zeus however isn’t sure about having Brownie here, since he is used to being the only dog.  They fight alot for attention.  I give Brownie the attention since Brownie is older than Zeus, but Zeus is not very happy about that.  So, Zeus tries to nuzzle him out of my lap but Brownie just growls at him.  They both think I am theirs and they both just want attention.

I am dog sitting Ignacio’s (my Maestra Maria’s son, my third grade teacher) dog because they went to Puerto Rico for the holidays.  I hope that you guys enjoy these pictures of Brownie because he is adorable!


This morning, my dog was whining that Brownie had his bed, so my mom told him to go lay down and this is what he did!


But, they do get along:


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December 5

Talking to the White House

Today I talked to the WHITE HOUSE!  It was awesome.

The White House… since you can’t talk to the President directly because you can’t just be like “hello, we are interrupting your meeting, but I’d like to say this…”  because that meeting might be a peace signing or something important.  So, we called the White House, and at the White House you say what you want to say tot the President and they will tell who its from and tell the President what you said.

Here’s what I said – I like the idea where the immigrants don’t have to hide in the shadows anymore.  Here’s my video:


If they just keep hiding in shadows, what will they have, not a life but fear.  So, I think the President did the right thing because people around the world can be themselves and not live in fear.

If you didn’t hear, there was a group of kids who entered the science program knowing that they would probably get caught because they were illegal immigrants, but they wanted to show the world what they could do, so that’s what they did.

If you have something you want to say to the President, the number is:  202-456-1111.

And, here is what my mama recorded after my call….


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November 14

“Geek” And Proud

Do you feel like you are smart, but that people don’t respect you for that? or have you ever thought, “I don’t want to be ‘the smart kid,’ so I’ll just change”? Why?! I changed because I wanted to be liked, and I’m not happy with that, so now I have decided to change back.

People get bullied by other people – it’s bullying when people make fun of your strengths, your differences but you shouldn’t be down on yourself. We should be building people up, not beating them down!

If you need any help doing the same thing I am doing, friends, family or even cousins might help you. You just need to talk to your parents – your mom, your grandma – anybody that you can trust and can talk to.

When you go to the aquarium, every fish you see is different, and well, it doesn’t matter that the shark is a meat-eater, and the manta ray isn’t. The shark might be bigger or meaner, but do you stand up for yourself like the manta ray does? It knows it can beat the shark even though it’s smaller by using it’s special skills and talents. Why don’t you be the manta ray and let the bullies be the sharks. You can stop them – don’t let people push us down, hold us in the bushes! You may not ever get back up again.

I decided that I am proud of my skills and that nobody can tell you who you are. Even if they make you feel bad, what l they say is not true because, well, everybody has the right to be anything they want in this world!


People called me names, like “geek,” and “jerk” for knowing stuff and learning things faster than they did, and made me feel bad for being smart. Now, I’m changing that because I want to be me ….who I am!

It made me feel really bad when people called me things because …well, I want to be liked. I didn’t want to be the kid that got made fun of. And, my friends didn’t get called names even though they were smart so I thought I had to change who I was.

I hope I can help …now, let’s see if you have ever felt this way or want to tell me if you have been bullied by others, let me know here in my blog! If you think you are alone, you are not. Just think, if you change someone else might see that! And if see someone being pushed around for being who they are, and you help them, it might just help you at same time ….because they just might stand up for you, if you stand up for them!

October 20

Do you remember 1980?

I am doing a research project on cost of living.  I m going to the store today to look up prices on these things and want to see if you can remember how much they cost in 1980.  We are going to the library to see if we can find out but i thought you could help me.

Do you remember the price of:

video cameras


handheld mirror





house 3 bedroom


t shirt



October 13

Goodbye New York, Hello home

I  am back.  On the last couple days before we left, we went on the ferry past the Statue of Liberty.  The  Statue of Liberty is pretty cool. I’m surprised that the torch is still lit. Even though it was  raining it was pretty cool and it was actually on fire.

IMG_3175  IMG_3149  IMG_3161  IMG_3157


Then we went to Little Italy and Canal Street.  At Little Italy we had some really yummy seafood, oh mom had some meat, and my dad had some ravioli.  And on Canal’s street I bought a gold dragon.

IMG_3215  IMG_3203  IMG_3246  IMG_3211

Central Park is huge, it it’s like 20 blocks, we didn’t even walk all the blocks. We had like a half an hour and then we had to leave.   I went up to the top of a big rock.  You could see the city.


That’s when I went on the plane to go home and when I was on the plane to go home it was about five hours.   I am really happy.

I loved my trip! I wish I could do the trip again.   Oh, and if you want to go to New York or Philadelphia I feel you have you have to have to get the Philly cheesesteak and in New York get the Italian food

IMG_3227  IMG_3225  IMG_3220

That’s it for this blog right now, bye.

Just so you know, I will be typing from now on. not my mom – my voice my words.


October 10

Statue of Empire

(It’s a joke we’ve had going today!)

Today, I’m in New York. I went to the Empire State Building. At the Empire State building I could see ALL of New York! It was really cool – I was on the 86th floor and that’s high! I figured out where Percy Jackson found the elevator, and that’s pretty cool.


image  image  image

We went to Times Square and I had a king-size Kit Kat at a chocolate store and let me tell you, those are huge, geez! I thought that Times Square was really cool and I really really, really like their stuff they have there. They have a Toys “R” Us there, and a Disney store, and there were so many characters walking around… Ironman and Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Wolverine, Mickey, Donald Duck and even a cowboy without any pants or a shirt – just his underwear – singing songs on the guitar in the middle of the street.

image  image  image  image

I also got to ride the subway. We got metro cards which are like unlimited ride cards. They just use them by swiping them through the gates and you enter through to the trains. Once you’re at the trains you can get from place to place to place to place and its really fast! And, let me tell you don’t do the taxis because they get backed up by all the cars on the streets, and they end up charging you like 100 bucks, and I don’t think thats ok! Oh, and one more thing, if you’re really, really, really want to go to the subways get some mints to suck on …you’ll need them because it smells!

I went to FAO Schwartz yesterday – it’s a huge toy store! Let me tell you, there’s no stores that are as big as this one! I got a bean bag called a myachi, and have to work to become a Jedi! You can’t catch it with your palm, and I’m on the first level of training. Next time I go to FAO Swartz, I am going to do some more lessons and see if I can do the Jedi catch. Its a really cool move where you use the back of your hands to hold onto the mayachi, and make it stay for little bit, upside down, then tilts it to the side and the beanbag flies to the other side. It’s amazing!

image  image  image   image   image   image  image