September 27

Salsa On The Rooftop

Last Sunday, I was on a rooftop doing salsa.  One of my friends who was running it and jumped in and helped gave them a hand.  When I gave them a hand I took over the concession stand.  It was really hard. When I was at the concession stand, like I said, I took over and people were very, very  hot outside.  And dancing made them hotter.  They came in and decided to get water.  And, people were giving me tips.  When they gave me tips, I thought, why not charge an extra buck for fast delivery.  I got $13 bucks that day!

In ten min I made $13 !  It was fun too.

I made a new friend, danced a little bit, and also, my friend I helped out, her name is Rosie.  She is my mom’s friend, she is a dancer, and has a dance partner.  Her dance partner’s name is Leo.


September 25

Selling Pinecones

I made $25  selling $1 pinecones.

It was Carter’s idea and I took over it.  I set it up.  FIrst i gathered pinecones, then i got a table setup by the street.  then, I got the chair out.  I had my wallet in my pocket and sold pinecones on the corner by the street.

5 people stopped by.  2 of them were from the Blazer’s house (my neighbor) and they each bought one, one was a grammy and she bought one.  One guy was on a motorcycle and he bought one.  one guy walked by and he bought two.  That was all the people that came by.

2 people bought online.  10 pinecones each.  Each one of them is being shipped to a different area, one is going to California, one is going to new Jersey.  Together I made $25.

Now I am going to gather more pinecones, we are running low on pinecones, since everyone bought them.

You can buy some.  They are $1 each and you can buy more than one.  They are really big pinecones!

It gives me happiness ,and money.

People said that I am a good entrepreneur .

When I am happy I make more $s, when I am sad I make less $s.

I learned about how to sell, how to count money, also how to be self directed, and also how to keep on a task without going away.  I also learned about needing a till and interest on borrowed money.


September 24

Finding Rocks at the River

At the very end of the summer, I went to the river.  I was looking, looking and found all these really cool looking rocks.  Some of them are blueish, some are black like obsidian.  But don’t worry, they are not obsidian.  If they were, I’d be rich.  So, there was this little tidepool area and there were a bunch of  rocks.  Then these other people had a bunch of them too and they offered them to me.  So, I took them and said thank you, but they didn’t let me have the one as big as my computer.  It was humungo-dumbo.

My mom says they are slag, from the huge inferno that they had in the area long time ago.  Which makes since because they have little holes in them like from bubbles.  Slag is also known as the left over stuff from melting rock.  Its called smelting.


IMG_2547  IMG_2548

September 23

MY frog

I saved a frog  from the hot tub’s chemicals.  My dad showed me the frog. He ran and I caught him.

I have a new friend that I can talk to.  If  I’m sad he croaks. If I am happy he jumps.

1. He is my pet now.

2. I feed hem crickets.

3. He is a N.W tree frog.

I named hem Frogender because he is from the underworld.  If you don’t  get it it’s a Minecraft joke.


The rocks are his feavret .

September 22

My Blog

I want to talk to you.


My blog I start today with my mom.  My mom says it could help me learn to write, help people understand me, teach me keep on persisting, learn the computer and type.  It was my Aunt Molly’s idea.

I don’t know what to say but I would like to talk to you, and if you would please read my blog that would be very nice.

I like to talk to you about my blog – my blog has five pillars in it.  The first pillar is interest, the second pillar is being personal, the third pillar is detail, which is what we are doing right now.  The fourth pillar is humor and it will make you laugh.  The fifth pillar is visual, and I will put a picture down sometimes.

You will never know where I am.  I might be writing under the ocean?!  I might be above a volcano on a lose branch!  I might be in the hot tub.  I might be wrestling with my dog too?  You’ll never know where I am but you might have some good guesses which I would love to hear!