October 20

Do you remember 1980?

I am doing a research project on cost of living.  I m going to the store today to look up prices on these things and want to see if you can remember how much they cost in 1980.  We are going to the library to see if we can find out but i thought you could help me.

Do you remember the price of:

video cameras


handheld mirror





house 3 bedroom


t shirt



October 13

Goodbye New York, Hello home

I  am back.  On the last couple days before we left, we went on the ferry past the Statue of Liberty.  The  Statue of Liberty is pretty cool. I’m surprised that the torch is still lit. Even though it was  raining it was pretty cool and it was actually on fire.

IMG_3175  IMG_3149  IMG_3161  IMG_3157


Then we went to Little Italy and Canal Street.  At Little Italy we had some really yummy seafood, oh mom had some meat, and my dad had some ravioli.  And on Canal’s street I bought a gold dragon.

IMG_3215  IMG_3203  IMG_3246  IMG_3211

Central Park is huge, it it’s like 20 blocks, we didn’t even walk all the blocks. We had like a half an hour and then we had to leave.   I went up to the top of a big rock.  You could see the city.


That’s when I went on the plane to go home and when I was on the plane to go home it was about five hours.   I am really happy.

I loved my trip! I wish I could do the trip again.   Oh, and if you want to go to New York or Philadelphia I feel you have you have to have to get the Philly cheesesteak and in New York get the Italian food

IMG_3227  IMG_3225  IMG_3220

That’s it for this blog right now, bye.

Just so you know, I will be typing from now on. not my mom – my voice my words.


October 10

Statue of Empire

(It’s a joke we’ve had going today!)

Today, I’m in New York. I went to the Empire State Building. At the Empire State building I could see ALL of New York! It was really cool – I was on the 86th floor and that’s high! I figured out where Percy Jackson found the elevator, and that’s pretty cool.


image  image  image

We went to Times Square and I had a king-size Kit Kat at a chocolate store and let me tell you, those are huge, geez! I thought that Times Square was really cool and I really really, really like their stuff they have there. They have a Toys “R” Us there, and a Disney store, and there were so many characters walking around… Ironman and Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Wolverine, Mickey, Donald Duck and even a cowboy without any pants or a shirt – just his underwear – singing songs on the guitar in the middle of the street.

image  image  image  image

I also got to ride the subway. We got metro cards which are like unlimited ride cards. They just use them by swiping them through the gates and you enter through to the trains. Once you’re at the trains you can get from place to place to place to place and its really fast! And, let me tell you don’t do the taxis because they get backed up by all the cars on the streets, and they end up charging you like 100 bucks, and I don’t think thats ok! Oh, and one more thing, if you’re really, really, really want to go to the subways get some mints to suck on …you’ll need them because it smells!

I went to FAO Schwartz yesterday – it’s a huge toy store! Let me tell you, there’s no stores that are as big as this one! I got a bean bag called a myachi, and have to work to become a Jedi! You can’t catch it with your palm, and I’m on the first level of training. Next time I go to FAO Swartz, I am going to do some more lessons and see if I can do the Jedi catch. Its a really cool move where you use the back of your hands to hold onto the mayachi, and make it stay for little bit, upside down, then tilts it to the side and the beanbag flies to the other side. It’s amazing!

image  image  image   image   image   image  image


October 8

United States History

Today, we walked around Philly. I went to see the Liberty Bell – do you know why it got a crack in it? Do you think it was soon after it came to Philly?


There was this one building I went in (Liberty Hall) where I found out where it got where they signed the Declaration of Independence. It was cool. It was kinda the same as in the time when they signed it and they even kept the real chair George Washington sat in. I think they’re gonna keep keeping it as long as it lasts since they say it’s super important. The rest of the furniture they burned to bits for warmth during the winter. It looks the same because they found the original receipts where everything was ordered so then they ordered the stuff to make it look like the same place where they signed the Declaration of Independence.

image  image  (That’s me holding up the building!!)


I really like how we are going around seeing the town. Oh, and we went to this awesome market (Reading Market). I didn’t like the (my mom says they are very good) Italian cannolis but they had some really really yummy chocolate! Good truffles – extra dark. Its a good place for lunch if you want to wait for lunch to be made. I had a Philly Cheesesteak and let me tell you, yyyuuuuummmmmmm!

image  image


I also went to the US mint and I got to see how they make the money! The extra parts are called webbing, when they punch out the blanks. Once they have the blanks, they punch the prints – well, first they have to heat up the metal, then they print them. I learned that they first had to have an artist design them, then a computer carves the picture out, then they put it into a machine that printed the things onto the blanks. Once it was printed you had to go and check if they’re good!


Sacajawea was on one of the coins. I learned that she helped Lewis and Clark travel from the east coast all the way to Oregon. I’m kinda surprised since she did it when she was six months into pregnancy – which means that three months later she had a baby and she still helped them. She’s a really good example to us and I wish I was like her – she’s really nice she helped others even if they don’t ask for it since she knows that helping others is the right thing to do.


Oh, and there’s 1 million rules in the big city (mama’s gonna make 5 million the next city – New York!!) It’s really hard to follow all of them, and I got really really frustrated. Kids, let me tell you, I know we have to listen, listen, listen, but here are the things I learned are the big about the big city:
*stick with your parents
*don’t cross the street when the light is red
*don’t go anywhere where your parents can’t see you
*don’t go into elevator without your parents
*don’t going into buildings without your parents
….don’t don’t don’t don’t!
Seems like everything the cities is just a lot of don’ts!

Oh, and don’t talk to strangers, even when they talk to you – and a lot of them are asking for money and you don’t know if they are good or bad! We don’t know how to tell if they are good and they might be bad, then you could get really badly hurt. I learned that there’s a lot of people here who were actually really nice but some of them are not.

Still, I had fun.

I am really excited since tomorrow we’re leaving to the train station in the morning to go to New York!! If you want to know anything about anything about the New York, ask me!

It would be really, really cool if you could make some fun comments!



October 7

The Amish People

I am in Philadelphia I want to talk to you about the Amish people. The Amish are people who wanted to be separate from the control they were under.

image  image

They walked all the way from New York to Philadelphia – all that’s way! William Penn invited them to this country and when he did he thought that their farming skills would come in handy – the soil was rich and he thought it would be great for farming!

They do not want to do the same things as the rest of society and aren’t fans of using technology. Well, they can use technology (like cell phones) but only if they need it.

Their churches were full of interesting facts – during their weddings there are over 300 to 400 people …and let me tell you they say that’s a little count for a normal wedding! Do you think that’s a little?!?

Let me think, …oh yeah… they use gas (not electricity) to power everything – like powering the fridge, their stoves, their lamps. And let me tell you, they did not have disco trees like in the Lorax!

image  image  image

Everything at the farm is horsepowered, the do not like engines… I mean like real horses or mules!!

They also use a wireline to dry their clothes, and they make all their clothes. The men have suits, and the boys have suits and the woman, they all wear dresses – not the boys. They don’t have to wear dresses so they don’t have to be embarrassed.

You become a man when you turn 9, so I would be a man!

Their houses are so so old and they all help each other build them.

They make quilts, baskets, tables. I could buy you a quilt – but you would have to pay me back. Actually, they’re really cool. They even have these quilt pillows – that you unfold into quilts. Everything is handmade – and they sell the things they make by hand. I was surprised at how much they could make with their hands. Like baskets, they just take dry grass and weave and weave and weave and weave and boom, they have a basket! Us, we would just give up and be like, never mind.

Some of my favorite things are all the things they make, and also the horse and buggies!

image  image  image  image  image

I would love to know what else you know about the Amish or what you learned from my blog today. If you want me to show you how they do felt pinning, or quilting, or basket weaving, you can buy me a kit and I will make a video!

October 7

Philly here I come

Today, I flew and landed in Denver. Then, we got a half hour delay since one of the backup engines (was the backup auxiliary power actually) wouldn’t work and the lights wouldn’t turn on…so yeah, they got it working and we got on the plane, but then it stopped working again and they had to check it a second time, and that took like 10 more minutes. Then, we went to Philadelphia!



When we were on our flight from Denver to Philadelphia there was a storm, and it had like thunder/every 1 to 2 minutes and it was amazing! We are going to try to post a video here… (Sorry it didn’t work but here are some cool photos!)


When we got to Philadelphia, the hotel you drive like 5 mins to. We took a taxi and I’ve never been a taxi! It feels okay, but you want to sit in the middle – it gives you the best view. Oh, and yeah, if you really really want to sit in the front seat you have to have a full car and ask the taxi driver.





Goodnight for now.

October 7

My Voice for the Week

This week, I get to go to Philadelphia and New York!  I will be blogging every day I hope but we decided not to bring the computer so this week it will be my words, my voice, via my mama’s fingers who will be typing for me.  Enjoy