November 14

“Geek” And Proud

Do you feel like you are smart, but that people don’t respect you for that? or have you ever thought, “I don’t want to be ‘the smart kid,’ so I’ll just change”? Why?! I changed because I wanted to be liked, and I’m not happy with that, so now I have decided to change back.

People get bullied by other people – it’s bullying when people make fun of your strengths, your differences but you shouldn’t be down on yourself. We should be building people up, not beating them down!

If you need any help doing the same thing I am doing, friends, family or even cousins might help you. You just need to talk to your parents – your mom, your grandma – anybody that you can trust and can talk to.

When you go to the aquarium, every fish you see is different, and well, it doesn’t matter that the shark is a meat-eater, and the manta ray isn’t. The shark might be bigger or meaner, but do you stand up for yourself like the manta ray does? It knows it can beat the shark even though it’s smaller by using it’s special skills and talents. Why don’t you be the manta ray and let the bullies be the sharks. You can stop them – don’t let people push us down, hold us in the bushes! You may not ever get back up again.

I decided that I am proud of my skills and that nobody can tell you who you are. Even if they make you feel bad, what l they say is not true because, well, everybody has the right to be anything they want in this world!


People called me names, like “geek,” and “jerk” for knowing stuff and learning things faster than they did, and made me feel bad for being smart. Now, I’m changing that because I want to be me ….who I am!

It made me feel really bad when people called me things because …well, I want to be liked. I didn’t want to be the kid that got made fun of. And, my friends didn’t get called names even though they were smart so I thought I had to change who I was.

I hope I can help …now, let’s see if you have ever felt this way or want to tell me if you have been bullied by others, let me know here in my blog! If you think you are alone, you are not. Just think, if you change someone else might see that! And if see someone being pushed around for being who they are, and you help them, it might just help you at same time ….because they just might stand up for you, if you stand up for them!