December 19

To Give To The Homeless

A couple days ago, I was dragged out of the house by my mom to show me how the homeless look.  Some of them live under a bridge, and its just not fair… they have to live too, but they don’t have enough money, they don’t have enough stuff.  All they have is like a blanket, maybe a sleeping bag and their stuff.  They don’t have very much stuff.  They are pretty much broke and homeless.  It doesn’t matter why.  They can’t really do anything except sleep and get food.  Why don’t we just help?

My mom gave me 15 dollars – I had to give $5 to each person I saw.  I saw three people.  They were really happy to get the $5.  Because they didn’t have any.

I love my mom and she loves me, but I wonder if anyone loves them.  They don’t really have family I don’t think.  If they have kids, the kids have to live without food, their pets have to live without food.

They are just like you and me.  They have the same feelings, the same needs, they need food just like you.  But, they can’t get jobs because people won’t give them one because they don’t look good, or smell good.  They don’t have anywhere to take a shower, so they can’t.

Just help one.

We went to a shelter on the same day.  They were giving out stuff.  An old man came in for gloves.  They had 2 pairs, both girls, which he didn’t care about but they didn’t fit him.  They didn’t have anything to give him, so its good to donate to the homeless shelter.

I went because I was being selfish.  I wanted more time on my video games, more food.  My mama said  “there are people who have so little, but you have so much!”  I have a roof to cover my head, a dog, somebody who cares about me, food whenever I want.  And I just ask for more and more.

When we were under the bridge, my mom told me to take off my sweatshirt.  It was freezing.  She said, “yes, you feel that? its half that temperature at night.”  These people need help.  They don’t get as much as we have.

I am going to search through everything I have and whatever I don’t need, I am going to give to the homeless if they can use it.  Then we are going to the dollar store!  We looked up what they need, and here’s what we found:

Umbrellas, Coats, Gloves, Hats, Socks, Clothes, Travel Sized Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Toothpaste, Underwear (new), Razors, Shaving Cream, Hand Sanitizer, Toothbrushes, Cough Drops, Deodorant, Food (but only certain things), Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets, Bags (purses, totes, duffels), Pillows, Blankets, Sheet Sets, some places take books/magazines/etc, and lots of places ask for Gift Cards

December 15

Dogsitting Brownie


I don’t know why they say “sitting” because you don’t sit on the dog!?

These last two days, I’ve been babysitting a little Dachshund.  His name is Brownie.  I like Brownie because he loves to follow me everywhere except upstairs, since I think he doesn’t really understand the stair so much.  I spend most of my time downstairs, criss-crossed applesauce with him in my name.  Cuddling.  I scratch his belly and he flips over and a scratch a lot lot lot.  He loves it so much I think he can just fall asleep in my lap.

Zeus however isn’t sure about having Brownie here, since he is used to being the only dog.  They fight alot for attention.  I give Brownie the attention since Brownie is older than Zeus, but Zeus is not very happy about that.  So, Zeus tries to nuzzle him out of my lap but Brownie just growls at him.  They both think I am theirs and they both just want attention.

I am dog sitting Ignacio’s (my Maestra Maria’s son, my third grade teacher) dog because they went to Puerto Rico for the holidays.  I hope that you guys enjoy these pictures of Brownie because he is adorable!


This morning, my dog was whining that Brownie had his bed, so my mom told him to go lay down and this is what he did!


But, they do get along:


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December 5

Talking to the White House

Today I talked to the WHITE HOUSE!  It was awesome.

The White House… since you can’t talk to the President directly because you can’t just be like “hello, we are interrupting your meeting, but I’d like to say this…”  because that meeting might be a peace signing or something important.  So, we called the White House, and at the White House you say what you want to say tot the President and they will tell who its from and tell the President what you said.

Here’s what I said – I like the idea where the immigrants don’t have to hide in the shadows anymore.  Here’s my video:

If they just keep hiding in shadows, what will they have, not a life but fear.  So, I think the President did the right thing because people around the world can be themselves and not live in fear.

If you didn’t hear, there was a group of kids who entered the science program knowing that they would probably get caught because they were illegal immigrants, but they wanted to show the world what they could do, so that’s what they did.

If you have something you want to say to the President, the number is:  202-456-1111.

And, here is what my mama recorded after my call….


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