June 29


The Wolf’s Side

The wolf sees that mother goat has left. The wolf wants to help, so he goes and checks on the goats and says “let me in.” They say “no your voice is too deep.” He goes to the bakery and eats honey pie.

The wolf goes back to the house and says “let me in” and they are about to let him in when the smart one says “show us your legs.” So he shows them his legs. “Your legs are black, my mothers are white.”

So he goes to the mill and dumps flower all over him self. He go’s back to the house and says “let me in”they say “show us your legs” so He did, then they let him in. So he grabs 6 goats to go to the park they squirm, and squirm, and squirm, and kick, and kick, and kick. He thinks “if I eat them whole they won’t squirm on the walk to the park.” Then I will cut open my stomach and sow it back up.

But just then, he got tired. He saw a river, so he took a nap. Then mama goat got home, she found the last goat in the clock. The litte one said that the big bad wolf is at the river.

They went down. They cut open the wolf as he said he ate them whole. Mother goat filled him up with rocks. He woke up and was very thirsty. He went to the water and fell in.

The goats said “no more big bad wolf!”