December 15

Dogsitting Brownie


I don’t know why they say “sitting” because you don’t sit on the dog!?

These last two days, I’ve been babysitting a little Dachshund.  His name is Brownie.  I like Brownie because he loves to follow me everywhere except upstairs, since I think he doesn’t really understand the stair so much.  I spend most of my time downstairs, criss-crossed applesauce with him in my name.  Cuddling.  I scratch his belly and he flips over and a scratch a lot lot lot.  He loves it so much I think he can just fall asleep in my lap.

Zeus however isn’t sure about having Brownie here, since he is used to being the only dog.  They fight alot for attention.  I give Brownie the attention since Brownie is older than Zeus, but Zeus is not very happy about that.  So, Zeus tries to nuzzle him out of my lap but Brownie just growls at him.  They both think I am theirs and they both just want attention.

I am dog sitting Ignacio’s (my Maestra Maria’s son, my third grade teacher) dog because they went to Puerto Rico for the holidays.  I hope that you guys enjoy these pictures of Brownie because he is adorable!


This morning, my dog was whining that Brownie had his bed, so my mom told him to go lay down and this is what he did!


But, they do get along:


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